The Band Sorelle


Sorelle is a whimsical indie band comprised of two sisters, Skylar and Toney-Paite Phillips.  Born and raised in Raleigh, NC, this duo began their musical endeavor at the young ages of eight and nine.  After attempting to live their lives apart for a few years, the girls moved back to Raleigh as full-time artists.  Through song-writing, photo-making, and canvas-painting Sorelle works to Embrace The Absurdity.  Join them on their journey.



Seeking a homeland Shows


Jan 4 @ 7pm - Deep South the Bar, raleigh, Nc

Feb 3rd @8PM - Berkley Cafe, Raleigh NC

Feb 13 @ 7PM - Raleigh times bar, RALEIGH, nc

Feb 21st @ 6pM -The flipside RESTAURANT and pub, Clayton NC